Other locations where our Private Investigators can assist you:

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  • Investigative Case Assignment Intake Process

    Joseph A. LaSorsa, President & CEO of LASORSA & ASSOCIATES, FORMER SECRET SERVICE AGENT, Presidential Protection - the White House, providing worldwide discreet Private Investigations, Physical Security Services and Training to corporate executives, dignitaries, the public, and celebrities. We can assign a consultant, private investigator, detective to any of your important needs and concerns.


    An investigative strategy plan is defined prior the inception of any investigation. The plan will delineate the necessary services, activities, number of persons and resources to be utilized, estimated expenses (mileage, travel, etc.) and the expenditure estimate, or in more complex cases, the projected expenditure ceiling.


    In each phase of the client relationship - the maximum level of confidentiality is assured; LaSorsa and Associates will undertake to ensure the client's privacy and correct use of the information supplied by same; it undertakes to treat the data only for the stated purposes within the investigative assignment and to disseminate necessary information to any sub-contractor or vendor on a need to know basis only.

    If you have any questions about our Private Investigation services, contact us now!


    A agreed to and signed Retainer Agreement / Contract must be returned / forwarded to our office, prior to the inception of any work.


    A agreed to retainer amount must be received prior to the inception of any work. The retainer funds must be received and funds cleared before any work is initiated. The agreed to retainer amount is not necessarily the total cost of the case or project, but is either a case cost projection or a deposit of retainer funds held against a long term case or project. Once time and effort have been expended, the retainer funds will be charged. The balance of any case invoice is due prior to the delivery of the investigative case work product.

    If you think you need a Private Investigator, contact us now !

    Note: Cancellation of the case or project within (24) hours of the case's scheduled inception, will result in the forfeiture of the retainer funds.

    Note: Our consultants are fluent in Spanish, Arabic and Italian. Please contact us with any questions or comments. You can call us at 888 831-0809 or email us at